Services overview

1  Software development

I am able to provide the whole range of modern software development. You can count on my expertise when it comes to planning, implementing and supporting software products. I program both simple, functional scripts and web, desktop or mobile applications with tens of thousands source lines of code. In the process, I try to counteract today's common pattern, which puts quantity before quality. Software is a concrete product fulfilling very specific demands. For instance, some details of a simple web page are the number of sub pages and the integration of dynamic content. For bigger applications you even have to write a functional specification document to record all the requirements. As a consequence, it is nearly impossible to give definite prices for my services. That is why all the prices listed below are starting prices.

1.1  Web development

Service Web page free of charge
Your benefits Free development
Free hosting
Pricing 0 Euro
If you are able to convince me of your non-commercial project, I will create a free web page for you. You have to provide both content and design. The range of functions is not limited. The page can contain dynamic features and it also can make use of a content management system. A free web hosting will be possible, if the estimated page view count does not exceed a certain limit. In return, is linked and labeled as the producer of the web page.

Service Static web page
Your benefits Affordable
Short creation time
Short loading time
Pricing Starting from 500 Euro plus VAT
The given starting price only applies to the source code creation of the web page. The content and the layout have to be provided by you. You can also order them for an extra charge. If you want me to host the web page on one of my servers, you will have to pay an annual fee. For another minor extra cost, I will make small modifications (e.g. business hours, holiday period) to your static web page.

Service Content management system
Your benefits High functionality
Independent creation of content
Independent layout changes
Easily expandable
User accounts
Pricing Starting from 750 Euro plus VAT
The given starting price only applies to the installation of the content management system (CMS) with a theme chosen by you. You are free to select any CMS (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) you want. Additional features like plug-ins, already existing or new ones, add up to the price. Once it is set up, you are able to create the content of the web page on your own, but it is also possible to order it additionally. I am able to implement your web layout as an individual CMS theme. The maintenance of the CMS causes additional annual costs.

Service Dynamic web page / web application
Your benefits High functionality
Individual requirements
Independent creation of content
Sophisticated graphical user interfaces
Pricing Starting from 750 Euro plus VAT
The given starting price only applies to the basic creation of a small web page (five sub page limit) and does not include any dynamic functionality. Both the range of functions and the price are not limited. Initially, they are individually negotiated and stipulated. Forms, database connections, user management, shops, booking systems or self made CMS cause additional costs. You can choose your favorite programming platform. Though you must consider that I am most experienced with PHP and Java. Other programming languages will create additional costs and also prolong the creation process. The content and layout either should be provided by you or additionally ordered for an extra charge. Also, I can host the finished web page for a supplementary annual fee.

1.2  Other software

Service Latex serial document templates
Your benefits High quality, platform independent documents
Preparation of serial letters
Automated creation of documents
Backward compatibility
Pricing Upon consultation
I create Latex serial document templates, like invoices or letters, for you. I convert both your individual corporate design and your existing templates (e.g. MS Word templates) into Latex documents. Furthermore, an integration into your current workflow is possible. For example, I write additional scripts which generate PDF documents from your existing database with the aid of Latex templates. The price mostly depends on the functionality, the purpose and the size of your company.

Service Mobile application development
Your benefits Existing market
High reach
In-App Payment
Pricing Upon consultation
Due to my experience with the Android standard development kit (SDK), I am able to develop Android applications for you. The content and the layout either must be provided or additionally ordered by you. Both the range of functions and the price are not limited and they have to be individually negotiated and stipulated. Connections to external data sources or existing systems as well as updates or upgrades are possible and raise additional costs. The price depends on too many variables, so it has to be based on an individual agreement.

Service Desktop application
Your benefits High functionality
Sophisticated graphical user interfaces
Interaction with external devices
Interprocess communication
Pricing Upon consultation
I mainly write desktop applications with Java. The usage of other programming platforms is possible, but creates additional costs. Both functionality and price are individually negotiated and written into a functional specification document beforehand. I write tests to assure the functionality of the features. The level of code coverage has a significant impact on the price. I am able to handle projects with tens of thousands source lines of code and budgets up to a low six-figure amount.

Service Progression of existing software
Your benefits No development costs for a new project
Increasing the reliability through code coverage
Solving of complex architecture problems
Bug fixing
Pricing Starting from 80 Euro / hour plus Vat or project-based
Developing a greenfield application is not a common case. Usually, there is an existing software product that has to be maintained. Naturally, I also offer this kind of service. The programming language does not matter, but you have to be aware that I am most experienced with Java and PHP. I fix bugs, write new product features or increase the reliability of the code base writing software tests. Due to my experience with software architecture, I am able to solve complex problems with abstract solution approaches. The given price is only an approximate value and mostly aimed at small and mid-sized companies.

2  Linux system administration

Linux servers, respectively servers with an Unix-like operating system, are known for their stability and reliability. That is the reason why they are used as a major part of the Internet backbone. An Uptime of several years is not a rare case. Unfortunately, these operating systems are not free of disadvantages. In fact, they are often very complex and hard to configure. Additionally, they have a steep learning curve. If you want to use such a system, you will depend on a lot of people. On the one hand you have to trust the developers of the open source software. They may introduce new bugs fixing other ones. On the other hand you have to put trust in the configuration abilities of the administration team. I try to reduce these dependencies for you. In order to achieve that, I created a very small Linux system based on Linux From Scratch, the package user system by Matthias S. Benkmann, Bash scripts and Tar. The result is a very minimal and lean operating system, with a small set of software packages. This is the foundation for a robust server system.

Service Web hosting
Your benefits Free Let's Encrypt certificate (SSL)
Domain registration
Cheap maintenance and update costs
Pricing Starting from 70 Euro / year plus VAT
Web pages, I created for you, can also be hosted (making them available on the Internet 24/7) by me. Expenses, which mostly depend on the estimated page view count, the chosen top level domain and the potential SSL certificate, are incurred for this service. I offer a cost-free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for all the web pages I host. I also host web pages I did not create. The price for this service depends on many variables and has to be negotiated beforehand.

Service Web server / Mail server / Other servers
Your benefits Hosting at your location
Control over your data
Testing, Staging
Internal communication
Pricing Starting from 60 Euro / hour plus VAT or project-based
I configure every kind of Linux server for you. With your own web server (e.g. Apache, Nginx, Tomcat) you are able to host web applications by yourself, which reduces the running charges. Most of the time, companies use own web servers to test their applications, before they are put into production. If you have your own mail server, you will be in control of your company-internal email traffic. Maybe you have secrets, you do not want to share with external mail providers. XMPP or SIP servers can be used for your in-house chat and voice communication. For servers, which have to be reached from the Internet, a connection with one or more static IP's is advantageous.

Service Intranet infrastructure
Your benefits Firewall with IPtables
Ipv4 and Ipv6 networks
Fail safety, backups
DNS Server, DHCP Server, NFS Server, VPN-Server
Pricing Starting from 70 Euro / hour plus VAT
I install intranet infrastructures. It does not matter whether you want to make changes to your existing system, switch from Windows to Linux or install a complete new network. In all of these cases you can count on my expertise. In the best case you provide the computer hardware and I install and configure the software. You can choose between a Linux distribution, my own "Linux From Scratch" based Linux and a BSD product. The given starting price is mostly aimed at small companies and start-ups.

3  IT consulting

The IT sector changes constantly. New software products are created everyday. Often they are advertised with a long list of benefits. Naturally, these abstract solutions also have a lot of disadvantages, which are rarely communicated. The problems most often arise when it is too late and the impact on your business already has become unmanageable. It is really hard to maintain an overview. That is the point where my experience might be helpful to you. I will bring order to the chaos for your company. In the process, I will examine your requirements and consider if an abstraction of the problem is necessary and which tool is best suited for solving it. I am also offering workshops and seminars. Thus, your employees can be updated with the help of best practices.

Service Project and software architecture consulting
Your benefits Exchange of experience
Solutions for complex problems
More efficient collaboration of operations and development
Pricing Starting from 70 Euro / hour plus VAT or project-based
I give advice for several information technology topics. Do you want to install a specific software, not knowing whether it solves your problem properly? Maybe it creates some disadvantages you want to know beforehand. I analyze your problem and offer you different solutions you can choose from. Furthermore, I help to create and maintain IT systems. A consultation does not preclude a technical implementation and can pass into it.

Service Workshops / Lectures
Your benefits Advanced training for employees
Employee motivation
Creation of ideas
Pricing Upon consultation
I offer both in-house and company-external workshops. In-house workshops are directly held at your location. You need to provide sufficient computers, because these are really practice-oriented workshops. For external seminars I take care of finding the appropriate computer lab. In this case, there has to be a minimum number of participants for the seminar to take place. The price depends on several factors. You should contact me, if you want to learn more about the available topics.

Service Tutoring for students / pupils
Your benefits Affordable
Free icebreaker session
Flexible hours and locations
Practical Experience
Groups possible
Pricing Starting from 20 Euro / hour
Because I was a student once, I know a study can be overly theoretical most of the time. The acquisition of practical knowledge is not easy, but important to get a better grasp of the theory. This service is mostly directed at students of the computer science basic study. I have broad knowledge in computer science, but my main experience is based on the subjects software technology, programming, databases, computer networks and technical computer science. I am living right next to the technical university of Dresden. The seminars can be held at my home or somewhere on the campus. Groups are possible and reduce the price per participant, but can result in an inferior individual learning effect.