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This web page was mainly designed for reading purposes. A tracking pixel is not used. In general the user is not traced throughout multiple page views. A cookie is only written on this sub page. It is used to be able to show input errors in the contact form. The web server hosting this page writes a record to a log file (access log file) for every page view. The IP address and the HTTP user agent, which is send by the invoking browser, are saved. The record is mostly used for maintenance. Neither it is used to identify the visitor, nor is it used to inflict harm on him by misusing his IP address.

Business card

Business card


Work of third parties

This web page was created with the help of the "Source Sans Pro" and the "Cookie" font, which are part of the "Google Fonts" collection. These fonts are published under the Open Font License  *. Additionally, this page uses icons of the "Open Iconic" icon set. These icons are published under the MIT License  *.

Browser compatibility


This presence uses the flexbox CSS element and therefore is only displayed correctly in the following minimal browser versions: Edge 12, Firefox 28, Chrome 29, Opera 17, Safari 9. The page is generated with the help of xsltproc and consists of valid xhtml.